Are Your Crystals Ethically Sourced? 

CrystalEnergetix relies on the representation that is made by suppliers with respect to whether crystals have been produced under ethical conditions. However, there is no certificate that can be requested to actually confirm that representations made by suppliers in this regard are true. As a result, Shivani prefers to say that her crystals are consciously sourced and curated. 

Shivani has a degree in law with a concentration in social justice and ethical conditions surrounding the mining and work relating to crystal production is a principle that is important to her. She accordingly does not source from anyone who cannot make the representation of producing crystals under ethical conditions. 

Shivani does visit gem shows throughout the year to meet suppliers in person. Many suppliers she sources from are family businesses and have sent her videos and photos of the mines in which they work.

How Should I Choose a Crystal for Myself?

Follow what you are attracted to! Descriptions of metaphysical properties are simply guidelines and choosing a crystal is best viewed as a right brain, heart-based and intuition led activity. The one that you are attracted to is believed to be the one that is right for you - even if the written description of its metaphysical properties does not resonate.

Where is CrystalEnergetix Located?

CrystalEnergetix is located in Ontario, Canada. 

Why are your prices in USD?

90% of the inventory CrystalEnergetix carries has been imported internationally with USD as the currency.  CrystalEnergetix also has a large US clientele. 

However, you can change the currency on the website to display the currency you'd like. 

Why can crystals be expensive? 

While crystals can resemble or be used as home decor, they are at the end of day, gemstones (i.e. they are not resin or glass decor items found at your local home decor store!) .

Crystals have different grades based on their quality. CrystalEnergetix provides high quality crystals and they are priced accordingly. 

Crystals come from all over the world. When they are imported, there are shipping fees and customs/duty that CrystalEnergetix has to pay, which further drives up the price. 

Crystals that are shaped (i.e. in the form of moons, hearts, stars, etc.) are more expensive as they are hand carved and there is an additional fee that has to be paid to compensate the artist for their work. When you purchase these items, you are supporting the artists who produce these shapes for you to enjoy, which in turn supports their families and the continuation of their trade.

Recognizing that crystals can be expensive, CrystalEnergetix offers Sezzle and Afterpay on purchases $50+ USD. 

Are your crystals natural? 

All crystals sold at CrystalEnergetix are natural with the exception of aura crystals, which are crystals that are treated with a natural metal mix to make them shine a rainbow colour. Look for "aura" in the title of the item to see if this applies to a particular crystal. 

Some rings and pendants may be surface treated to bring out a particular colour. This is common for gemstone jewellery. 

Do you allow for open boxes? 

Yes for Canadian and American clients only - for those who don't know, an open box allows you to add items to your shipment box over a period of time to save on shipping as you only have to pay the flat shipping rate once. I allow it but only once per two orders and for no longer than 30 days  - so if you checkout of the website and use it, then the next order you place is the one that will ship out along with your first order. 

Where can I send inquiries to? 

You can send an e-mail to crystalenergetix@gmail.com